July U.S. CPI Data Soon to be Released

Vice Chairman Clarida, the Fed’s second in command, and Board Governor Waller, both put their weight behind decreasing further economic stimulus due to optimistic inflation data, and increasing COVID-19 vaccination rates. This could suggest a strengthening, bullish USD against other currencies, IF the Fed takes its’ foot off the printers gas pedal. Later this weekContinue reading “July U.S. CPI Data Soon to be Released”

CAD/JPY to Sink

Cad/JPY is showing strong signs of an impending plummet as of August 9th, 2021. Here is a breakdown. An initial analysis of our indicators is suggesting an upcoming drop on the 4-Hr chart. This could mean that for days, possibly even weeks to come, we can expect a strong bearish environment. On the indicator sideContinue reading “CAD/JPY to Sink”